• VW Cup at Rockingham


Volkswagen rounds 5&6 Rockingham 10 July 2012. After the success of Jim’s debut weekend at brands hatch it was decided that we would have another go in the Volkswagen racing cup, this time at Rockingham, Northamptonshire for rounds 5&6.This was on the Supersport international long track. Friday’s first free practice went well with Jim trying to learn the new track setting the 3rd fastest time and fasted overall though the speed traps, Switching from wets to slicks halfway through the session. Looking to set a faster time in session 2 Jim got over exited and made a trip through the gravel trap on turn three so we reset the geometry ready for qualifying on Saturday morning. Qualifying took place in a cold but sunny morning and resulted in a slightly disappointing 10th out of 32, but we kept positive for the two races on the Sunday and adjusted the new dampers to try and get some more pace out the car. Race 1 was eventful, both wing mirrors were folded in by the time Jim reached the first corner and then made some heavy contact at turn 3. This bent the inner arch up against the drivers rear tyre, resulting in some very loud noises and the cabin filling up with tyre smoke, very worrying when turn 1 is a flat out 120mph banked turn with only a concrete wall for runoff. Luckily the tyre didn’t explode and Jim fought his way up to 4th place, narrowly missing 3rd to the ex world touring car Bora. Race 2 and due to the reverse top 6 structure Jim started third and made a blinding start to get into the lead before turn 1. Turn 3 is where it all went wrong, carrying to much speed on cold tyres Jim’s over enthusiasm got the better of him and the back end of the car tried to over take him as he turns in. With fwd the only option is to floor the throttle and so off we go for another trip into the gravel. Absolutely gutted Jim makes it back onto the track in 13th but soon realises the front tracking is out and has terminal under steer so can't fight up through the field. Bringing it home in 11th Jim was very disappointed knowing that his small error had cost him what could have been another victory in the very competitive VW racing cup.