• Racing at Spa


This years Pirelli Ferrari Formula Classic annual pilgrimage to Spa Francorchamps was on the weekend of July 20th/22nd with both Open and Classic series running along side each other. 

With Ben expecting babies arrival his priorities were at home and it was just Nick and Jim C who made the annual trip to the legendry Spa Francorchamps which is always a highlight of the season. 1st qualifying went well with Jim setting pole and Nick going 5th fastest. Second qualifying went well for Jim c  with another pole place but unfortunately Nick somehow got lost in the paddock and didn't get out towards the end of the session and ended up with a disappointing 8th. As the Ferrari classic cars were mixed with the Ferrari open race we had a rolling start. As the first race got underway Jim  got away nicely, had a bit of a go at a 360 challenge but then his race settled down into a lonely lead. Nick had more fun battling throughout with the other 328s, the very well driven GT4 of Tris Simpson and the awesome competition Daytona of Tim summers. At the end of the race it was Jim who came to the chequered flag first, some 40 seconds ahead of second man Nigel Jenkins with nick coming in with a well deserved 3rd. Nick didn't make the podium though after once again getting lost in the Spa wilderness, and Jim, broke a new record in the fact that due to the disorganisation of the marshals, ended up doing three cool down laps. 


Race two

The second race held the same result but was more eventful for Jim, as on the last lap a piece of the fiction plate broke of the clutch and Jim came to a standing stop right at  the highest part of the track. Unable to select a gear, eventually he managed to get it into 5th and sipped the clutch and coasted to the finish line. A great moment as the two Cartwright's stood on the podium separated once again by Nigel jenkins . All in all a great weekend.




Here are a few cracking onboard videos from Tris Simpsons 308 GT4 doing battle with 328's of Nick C, Peter Fisk and Chris Butler and the Glorious Competition Daytona of Tim Summer. Turn up the volume and enjoy......