• Jamie makes it 7 wins in a row!


Rounds 4&5 of the calendar took place at the coastal resort of Zandvort, Holland. This is an awesome track, definitely up there with Spa as a drivers circuit incorporating incredibly fast sweepers with big elevation changes to make a real flat-out drivers circuit. Ben C could not attend due to other commitments, so jut Jamie and Nick set out to the ferry looking forward to a good weekends racing. A modest grid of 10 classic cars turned out, but we were once again in with the open cars to bring the number up to 22. This was a real mix of Ferrari’s, from Ferrari 308 gt4s and Ferrari 456 racers right up to the latest factory built challenge racing machines and a incredible sight on the grid. We thought it would be a good idea to test as it was Jamie’s first time driving at this circuit, but bad weather didn’t permit so a couple of sighting laps were all Jamie managed. Luckily the weather for Saturday qualifying was hot and Jim set the fastest time for pole and a new lap record. Nick C was struggling a little for grip but managed 4th. Second qualifying went very much the same. Race 1 and Jamie manages to pull a lead over the classic cars, and enjoyed a real battle with the open cars mixing it up with the Ferrari 355/360Challenge cars and the Ferrari 456 GT's. Nick C beats some strong competition to come home in 3rd. The second race also went Jamie's way taking another win. This time Nick c scoring a 4th. Overall a superb weekends racing and always a relief to get both cars back home in one piece.

From the sand dune resort circuit of Zandvort the classic series once again headed back to the world famous spa Francorchamps deep in the Arden forests. Always a highlight in the calendar and this year was no different. First qualifying didn’t go to badly with Jamie in second, just behind experienced racer Danny Winstanly in his recently acquired Nick Cartwright prepared Ferrari 328 GTB with Ben in 4th just behind butler. Nick C was back in 10th.
2nd Qualifying took place on a slightly damp track but went a little better for team Cartwright with Jamie taking pole from Winstanley and Ben out gunning Butler for third. Nick C was a little happier now on the 6th grid slot for race 2.
Race 1 went Jamie's way, taking the chequered flag having had a close fight with Winstanley, who spun but was soon back on Jamie's bumper pushing until the end. Ben had to give GRP 3 honours to Butler with less than a second between them at the end. Nick C made some places up with a good drive to finish 5th overall.
Race 2 took place in torrential rain with virtually no grip in the first few laps. Once again Jamie battled hard with Winstanly but was able to edge a gap eventually, until a safety car period closes the gap, Ben C and Butler were quick to pounce on the leaders as they didnt initially see the green flags and Butler took the lead of the race. Jamie's desperate to get back past had the run going up Kemel straight to reclaim the lead with Winstanly following. The closing laps saw Ben C trying hard to get past Butler's Ferrari 328 but could'nt break down the defences. A little further back Nick C trying a little to hard entertained the crowd with a spin and decided to retire. At the flag and it was once again Jamie who took the victory.