• Honda Civic racing.


Honda civic racing at Brands Hatch 8th July 2012. When we got a phone call midday Saturday saying there was a drive going in the Honda Civic cup on Sunday we thought we’d give it a go. Jim shot up to Leyland to pick up the car and made the long trip down to the brands hatch circuit. It was a modified car meeting so alongside us we had time-attack, drift cars, Formula 1 car demos and pick-up racing so plenty of action to enjoy. Qualifying in a car he’d never even sat in before Jim was running second in the standings when he had suspension failure at paddock and retired. At the end of the session we were back down in 7th in the standings, the SW motorsports team made easy work of repairing the car and it was ready to roll for race 1. Race 1 got underway very well with a great start being made from Jim who got up to 3rd by the first three corners. Trying to close the gap up to 2nd place Jim made an error on the brakes at Clearways and had a huge spin but made a quick recovery and came back onto the track in 8th. From then on it was a dash to the finish trying to make up as many places as possible and Jim brought the car home in 5th. Race two was full of drama not least when as in the assembly area Jim noticed his steering wheel was about to fall off! Not such a great start this time and Jim almost ended up at the back of the pack. After two laps not much progress was being made and Jim was finding it difficult to pass a rival EK civic who was defending very well. After a good bump up the back he opened a gap and went though to take 7th. From then on it was just flatout and the places started coming, after 15 laps of really close exiting racing we ended up 2nd overall, being beaten only by Ferrari rival Danny Winstanley in his EG civic. Overall a really great event to take part in, the civics being a really great low cost way of going racing.