• Dino 246 GT entered at this years National Ferrari Concours

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The Ferrari 246 Dino we featured at the beginning of the year has now received a colour change and we are preparing the Ferrari Dino for this years Ferrari Concours at Walton Hall on the 6th of July.

By request we have changed the colour from Ferrari Rosso Chiaro to Bianco.

When we bought the Ferrari Dino back last year having carried out a ground up Ferrari restoration in 1989/90, poor storage had led to slight deterioration of the Ferrari paintwork and some aspects of the detailing had lost its edge.

However, it was a fantastic base to start with as the body was still in perfect condition. We have stripped the Ferrari Dino of all components and carried out a full Ferrari refurbishement taking the Dino back to the high standard expected of modern day Concours competitions.

We look forward to presenting the Ferrari 246 Dino at the Concours and hope to see you there.