• 2013 Round one of the VW Cup Oulton Park.


Rounds 1&2 VW Racing cup Oulton park Well due to budget reasons and costs we decided to run the golf ourselves at Oulton park for the first meeting of the year. Due to a busy work schedule back at base I couldn't get out to do the Thursday or Friday test like the other drivers, so qualifying was the first time in the car this year. After a hectic few hours I got to the assembly area first and tried to focus on the task in hand. Track temperatures were freezing and most of the drivers had been struggling to get the rear tires up to temperature. I managed to stay ahead of the pack until 2012 champion james walker passed me after 3 laps, "so far so good" I thought as I knew james had been fast on the test days during the week and I soon started pushing him round some parts of the track, after 7 laps my tires over pressurised and I had to settle with 5th fastest, still a good result with lack of testing and I was a happy man. As it was off the ground we adjusted the front antiroll bar, altered the ride height and the rear dampers but I wouldn't know how much the changes would affect the car for race 1. As the lights went out I made a good start but I was hampered by Walker who had a bad start. I had to wait behind as I was boxed in against the pit wall and other cars, after a couple of laps I had fought my way up to 2nd but 1st place Aaron Masson had pulled a good gap on the rest of the field, so I got my head down and chased after him, it wasn't long until I was inches of the sirocco's back bumper, I couldn't believe how good my car was, we had replaced the brakes before the meeting and they were awesome, and the handling changes made were a massive improvement to an already sound handling car in qualifying. After a couple of laps I started to get impatient and made contact after locking a brake before Deers leap, I got the lead but felt guilty and tried to hand it back, not only did Masson come past he pushed me on the grass and demoted me to 3rd. With the tracking out I had too limp it over the line and take the final step of the podium. Still 3rd for me was a good result, with no testing and running the car myself, I was a very happy man, but still had a niggling feeling I could of taken the win. With the top 6 reversed for race two I was allocated 4th on the grid on the outside of the track, a good start saw me get up to a joint 3rd and some committed grass driving saw me secure the position heading into Island bend. One corner later and I took 3rd and 2nd place on the outside under braking. Unfortunately, on exiting Shell Oil's corner I was tapped sending me into a tankslapper allowing a few cars through, I followed race 1 winner Masson as he tried to advance back into the top 5, on lap 2 I made a move at the high-speed Island bend but was run off the track onto the wet frozen grass. I tried all I could to get back towards the track, but I knew I was just a passenger, I saw the wall looming fast from the driver side window but had faith the gravel trap would scrub off some speed, unfortunately it too was unable to offer any resistance and I skipped across it and awaited a very big bang. Sure enough it came and soon after I found myself bailing out the passenger door. Such a shame my weekend had to end like this. My car showed so much promise and I could have been leaving the track as championship leader. Action is being taken over the accident. We will now start to repair the car ready for Rockingham in the hope that the car shell isn't twisted. If anybody would like to watch the race on TV it's on Channel 4 TV: Saturday 13th April at 07.00 am Motors TV UK 6th April 2013 - 19:38:00 Huge thanks to Coverworld Industrial Roofing LTD and NickCartwright.com for their support. If anybody fancies supporting my 2013 campaign with your company advertised on my car I can sent out a driver CV and proposal to you.

View great footage of both races from the Seat Leon of Peter Whinny below : Race 1.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1uWWF1Oo58     Race 2.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAZ-FqeHiuA